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Psychill, often known as psybient or psychedelic psytrance, started out as a sub-genre of the Trance parties known as psytrance. It is a specific form of downtempo electronica with an emphasis on psychedelic sound and experimental studio techniques, beginning from this 60's, to some option sorts of chillout.  It is also commonly referred to as "psybient", or often even "background psy".  Inside the global goa/psytrance movement psychill and psydub have become increasingly important elements of the culture, but remain relatively little known outside of those scenes.  Many of the most respected producers are even barely known in the ambient music culture at large.  These styles of  electronic music are designed in such a way as to bring on an almost psychedelic state of hypnosis, background, earth audio, modern and in some cases ethereal.  They use repetitive phrasings to elicit this, and often use synthetic modulation sources such as filtering the frequencies up and down to create movement within these repetitive melodies.  Psybient music is essentially inseperable from the trance movement, as most of the largest festivals where the music gets showcased, is on the chill stages of large psytrance events. 

This typically provides a larger exposure than most styles of ambient music are able to achieve. Psybient pieces tend to be long and focus on exploring new sounds, or the  “musical journey”. Even though much like psytrance’s emphasis on non-stop beats, throughout the individual compositions there are usually many buildups and breakdowns included in the song.  Psybient is far more aimed at creating a great soundscape and mood or imagery, and  less upon beatmatching and making it possible for many " cadence " modifications. Some of the most popular and genre leading psybient musicians contain: Shpongle, Entheogenic, Ephemeral Mists, Shulman, Ott, and Younger Brother.